Our jewellery is produced in India – creating valuable work opportunities in a region torn by conflict and disruption. All jewellery pieces are handcrafed with care by an artisan community. The workshop is a family-owned business and workers are treated and paid ethically and fair. Materials that are used are high-quality and natural and where possible recycled. Our approach to fashion is slow – pieces are produced with care, are timeless and last long.

Tulua Verde is highly commited to follow high sustainability and ethical standards. It’s an attempt to do things differently, not settling for compromises. We try our best in every aspect, yet we cannot be perfect. However, we try our best to get as close to that as possible ; )


Packaging – Less is more. We think that packaging mostly just creates unnecessary waste – therefore our ethos is to strip down our products to minimum packaging. Still, we can’t erase packaging completely and therefore work with organic and recyclable materials for our necessary packaging. We use organic cotton certified pouches and FSC® cerfitied cardboard boxes produced in Europe.

FSC® certified is a guaranty that all used materials only stem from FSC® certified forests – where only those trees are cut down that can also be reproduced by the forest and where the flora and fauna are treated responsibly. More about FSC®:


Even though as a slow fashion operator our margins are small, we are currently looking into partnering with a suitable non-profit to donate parts of our revenue. We will keep you up to date on our progress.