Our jewellery – A tribute to our ocean

The climate crisis and rising water temperatures are a threat to our coral reefs. Almost 20% of worldwide reefs already have been lost, and a third is facing extinction.

Our jewellery – A tribute to our ocean

ANA, EUPHYLLIA, FRANKSI...our product names aren’t a random choice.

Anacropora spinosa

Euphyllia paradivisa

Mycetophyllia ferox

Orbicella franksi

Acropora tenella

Pavona diffluens 

…those are all coral species listed on the US Endangered Species Act (“ESA”). They have suffered a population reduction of over 30% in the last thirty years. Therefore, they need particular protection and regeneration.

You can find more info and the report here: https://repository.library.noaa.gov/view/noaa/696

Apart from the names, the jewellery with imprints are coral and algae inspired to pay tribute to their beauty and importance.

Tulua Verde is a brand passionate about the environment and its protection. As particular lovers of the ocean, we wanted to raise awareness and honor their existence by naming our jewellery pieces after them as well as drawing design inspiration from them. This tribute is just one step into the right direction. Even though our profit margins are low, we are currently checking possibilities to partner with a matching NGO to see what we can do to support them. More on that soon!