Join the green rising


Tulua is Sanskrit and means becoming more, rising while verde is Spanish for green – symbolic of a more eco-friendly and sustainable world. Together Tulua Verde translates into green rising. It stands for a vision of a greener and more sustainable world that respects and lives in harmony with nature.

In particular, it is the dream of a revolutionized fashion system – a fashion system that creates aesthetically beautiful yet eco-friendly clothing. One that doesn’t exploit, destroy, or pollute but one where nature and people can thrive.

A world where also humans are «becoming more”. Tulua verde embraces a lifestyle of freedom, joy, and self-determination. It's for free spirits and life lovers, for people that go for their dreams and create a life that's true to themselves.

Tulua verde - Where people and planet thrive. Where conscious minds and bold souls meet. 

Tulua verde - Join the green rising. #wearetulua